Press Release Agora-Gallery, New York

For Linde Unrein, the process of painting is transformative. A painting represents an empty space into which things are put, and which are then free to recreate themselves, mutate into other forms and adapt to unique formulations. Unrein’s images are striking, often surreal juxtapositions that reference classical mythology and everyday objects. Her technique is Expressionistic, with strong lines and color forming ordered patterns amongst an organic chaos of soft, wide brushstrokes. Her color palette is, in contrast, quite delicate, immaculately balanced and harmonious in a way that is truly exciting and invigorating. The delicate pastels, which can often be pale and washed-out, gain an immense vitality in Unrein’s hand, a ripple of energy against which reds and browns soar. From out of the unformed chaos of emptiness, Unrein leaps fully into the paintings and discovers something beautiful.

Linde Unrein took up painting full time after a long and successful career as a neurologist, psychiatrist and psychotherapist in her native Germany.